About Us

Cultural Idea is a project that was born in Uruguay projected to an English language audience. Its creator is Andrés Urreta, Administrator and Webmaster of the site.

The idea came about trying to reach a different audience. A place on the internet was needed where users found everything they were looking for in one place: leisure, entertainment and information.

Cultural Idea was put online on 07/10/2020 and immediately began to have followers from all over the world causing a profound impact on the media. Andres Urreta put into practice all his knowledge as a programmer to create a seductive space that captivated people with its simplicity and easy information process. Since then this idea has not stopped growing.

The massive presence on Social Networks, as well as on its YouTube channel, sets the tone for the great commitment that is in view of the future. Continuing to advance and grow as a digital medium is a priority for the team that currently works at Cultural Idea.

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