Christmas: the best decorations to make at home


When Christmas arrives, incredible moments are lived with the closest and dearest people. These are the most anticipated days of the year, no matter where you live in the world.

The decorations for these holidays are a fundamental part of the entire organization that we have to share with our loved ones. That is why today we will try to resolve some concerns of our users on the Internet and we will also give you several tips so that you can apply and adapt them to your needs.

Ideas of Decorations for Christmas?

1- Snowmen with plastic cups.
2- Christmas wreaths.
3- Christmas decorations with soda cans.
4- Christmas stars with soda or beer cans.
5- Lamps with Nespresso capsules.
6- Gears as decorations for the Christmas tree.
7- Christmas scene in a glass jar.
8- Bells with cups of tea or coffee.
9- Balls or Christmas decorations with CDs.
10- Christmas decorations with PET bottles.
11- Balls with magazines or newspapers.
12- With wine corks.
13- With mud or clay.
14- Snowflake with wine corks.
15- Ornaments with Pasta.
16- Lego pieces.
17- RAM memories.(Idea for the most technological)
18- With bottle caps.
19- Homemade Christmas balloons.
20- Pistachio shells.
21- Christmas balls with light bulbs.
22- Penguins with light bulbs.

How to decorate the house with little money at Christmas?

1- Candlestick with spheres and ribbon. ...
2- Make a star to receive your visitors. ...
3- Crown of spheres. ...
4- Use branches! ...
5- Create some candles. ...
6- Create a rug that looks great at the entrance of your house. ...
7- Crown of stamens. ...
8- Make a curtain of snow.

Activities to do at home during Christmas time

1- Sing Christmas songs.
2- Make a Christmas ornament to give as a gift.
3- Prepare cookies.
4- Create a Christmas lottery.
5- Dance under the light of the Christmas tree.
6- Visiting someone we haven't seen for a long time.
7- Go to the movies.
8- Select toys to donate.

Ideas to Create a Recycling Christmas Tree

1- Tree with beer cans.
2- Christmas tree with CDs or DVDs.
3- Christmas tree with wooden logs.
4- Christmas tree with rolls of toilet paper.
5- Christmas tree with wooden branches.
6- Christmas tree with pallet.
7- Christmas tree with PET bottles.

In summary, we have given you some details of what you can organize for Christmas and New Years. But this does not end here!
In the following video you will see interesting things that will be very useful to achieve your purposes. We suggest that you watch it and get more information about it.

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From our website we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams and wishes be achieved.

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