Tips to take care of plants in times of drought in an Urban Garden


Urban Garden

In many countries there are moments of climate in which a significant period of drought is suffered, reaching more than a month and a half associated, in addition, to almost permanent wind, which makes dehydration more important than in other years or at other times.

It is healthy that from time to time there is a little considerable rain to give respite and refresh the temperatures of the plants, but it is necessary that it is not very strong, because otherwise it penetrates little into the soil. Therefore we must take precautions with our crops.

Many people often share photos online to ask for help. They think their seedlings are sick, but in reality they lack water. An important sign of drought is that when we see Josefinas or Agapanthos in the flowerbeds of the city, the plants are extremely resistant, but when they are missing when the amount of water is large, it will begin to turn yellow.

Therefore we must:

1- Gently water the plants at times when there is no sun.
2- If the plants are in pot, water more frequently since dehydration is greater in pots.
3- In flower beds, protect the soil with grass cuttings, peels, leaves, this helps to slow down evaporation.
4- Avoid wetting flowers, especially in sunny hours.
5- Control the presence of aphids since when the plants suffer these they tend to attack more, in which case spray with insecticide, preferably organic.
6- If possible move the pots to less sunny and windy places.

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