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Text editors may seem boring to some people, but they are the lifeblood of many organizations in the world. From development team to editor, code and text editors intertwine with almost everyone's workflow. Many of us jump in and out all day. Whether you're writing PHP or just taking notes for the project, there are some great tools to make this easy. Today, we will discuss the best text editing solution.

Some text editors are ideal for experienced developers, while others are suitable for beginners or writers. You'll also find great editors that can be used for collaboration, real-time code sharing, and more.

Today we will give you a guide to very good editors so that you can analyze us and obtain benefits from them. Each of them, with their functions, will provide you with a wide range of solutions to your needs.

1 - Visual Studio Code: As one of the youngest products on the market (released in 2015), Visual Studio Code is committed to building a stable community and ensuring users get all the features they need. Hard work will always pay off, because the plugin library has grown a lot. It is also an open source project and you can download it directly from macOS, Windows or Linux for free.

In a few different areas, Visual Studio Code is a very attractive text editor for all developers. First, Visual Studio Code is generally believed to be faster than many other older editors on the market. You can also clean up all the clutter by selecting Zen mode, which will remove all the menus and articles that don't involve the editor.

2 - Brackets: The Brackets text editor comes from the folks at Adobe and its purpose is to provide a more modern open source solution for developers to build websites. This is a free text editor with some cool visual tools to preview your work and allow front-end developers to verify changes. Writing code is the main focus of Brackets, which is done with the help of online editors (such as well-organized files and previews).

Due to its affiliation with Adobe, Brackets has some integration with Photoshop, which means Photoshop can extract part of your PSD file and generate code for your project.

3 - Atom: With Atom, you will have access to an open source text editor that has developers in mind. In fact, the creators of Atom state that they made it specifically for developers. Also, it has a community of developers who contribute themes and plugins, like with WordPress or some other open source tools. An experienced developer should have no problem working with Atom, as it offers good collaboration tools, a beautiful editor, and some of the best organizing tools to keep all your projects in order.

Projects can be shared and edited in real time to help teams that are far from each other, or simply those who want a more dedicated workspace. Additionally, Atom also has a GitHub package that comes with the text editor. This way, your team can create everything from branch offices to stages in a single interface.

4 - Sublime Text: We can proudly say that: The Sublime Text editor is definitely one of our favorites! It offers a free trial version, but all current users must pay $ 80 to keep it active. Although $ 80 may seem like a large sum of money for a text editor, it is important to note that the license is for each user and not for each computer, so you can use Sublime on any number of computers and operating systems. Text wants your license.

Now in terms of functionality, the advantage of Sublime Text is that it is very lightweight (uses few resources), but still retains some of the more advanced features that some of the best text editors expect. The main benefit of Sublime Text is that it provides shortcuts and search tools, which can instantly find certain functions and change multiple lines at the same time. It only takes a few seconds to jump to a specific symbol or word.

In addition to this, Sublime Text automatically creates an index of all functions and methods so that you can use and customize shortcuts to find code snippets as you work.

5 - Notepad++: There is no doubt that Notepad ++ is the most popular advanced text editor on the market, it is a compact software package at no cost and with powerful editing components. It is usually available for free under the General Public License, which means that all developers and content creators can take advantage of it after downloading a text editor. Notepad ++ can be used with Microsoft Windows, the purpose is to use fewer resources than most text editors.

One of the reasons Notepad ++ stands out is that it has been translated into over 80 languages, making it available to people all over the world. Also, if you can't find your language in the translation list, you can translate Notepad ++ into your native language.

6 - Vim: The Vim text editor is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. It is a reliable and stable editor that can be integrated with other popular tools. It is designed to be used from the command line interface (CLI) or as a single application in the graphical user interface (GUI).

Vim was founded in 1991. At the time, Vim was considered one of the most prominent text editors, allowing developers to use a series of commands to generate updates and scripts. This makes it one of the oldest text editors, and Vim continues to be used by developers around the world, which is impressive.

7 - Coda: Coda is suitable for all Mac enthusiasts, the price of a single copy is $ 99, if you buy multiple copies at the same time, the price of each subsequent copy will go down. Other than that, Coda looks a lot like other Mac products and has one of the most beautiful interfaces of any text editor on the market. Mac users love it, and it's not hard to understand why. First, you will receive a built-in inspector and terminal and an interface that will allow you to edit local and remote files.

8 - Ultra Edit: UltraEdit is a viable solution to meet your text editing needs. It's not free.In fact, you have to pay around $ 99.95 first. This gives you the standard version of the UltraEdit text editor, as well as free updates for future versions. You can also install the software on three computers, including Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

Since then, UltraEdit has made many updates and additions, such as FTP programs, comparison tools, and search options. You can decide if it is useful for your workflow, but each item requires additional fees. For entry-level text editors, UltraEdit is known for its performance and customization features and some really good themes, so you don't always have to start from scratch. You will be able to find and replace files, and most of these tasks can be completed immediately.

9 - Komodo Edit: The idea of ​​Komodo Edit is to provide powerful functions but still retain a certain degree of simplicity so that even beginners can understand it. You can download Komodo Edit for Mac or Windows operating system. It's free and open source, allowing people who don't need advanced features to access a text editor, which is perfect for completing smaller projects.

Also, if you need more advanced tools (such as code configuration files or unit tests), the more advanced version of the Komodo IDE will suffice. It provides support for all languages ​​and frameworks through the Komodo IDE, making it an ideal choice for web development. Also, being an open source project, this update will cost no money.

10 - BBEdit: BBEdit is an editor that is derived from the same technology used in TextWrangler. Now the TextWrangler job has been scrapped and all users are forced to switch to BBEdit.

Like Coda, BBEdit is also used only on the Mac operating system. It has very advanced features, but its acronym BB (Bare Bones) also seems as basic as possible. BBEdit includes powerful features like Git integration and automatic completion. It also provides syntax highlighting and quick search and window editing functions; you can place them side by side for easy editing. The current version of BBEdit costs $ 49.99 to obtain a personal license. You can also upgrade to the new version to lower the price.

It may be a bit confusing as to which text editor to choose to do our work, but the important thing beyond the final recommendations is that you remember it may be necessary for you to test each of these to see which one best suits your flow. job.

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