How to recover deleted files from a pendrive?


Accidents happen, so it is very possible that we accidentally delete files from our memory devices and for that there are some solutions: there are practical and complex ones.

It is possible that if we get to delete a file from our computer we can count on going to the Recycle Bin (obviously provided that we have not emptied it first) and recover what was lost. Luckily, we have a second chance.

But ... what happens if this happens to us with a memory or Pendrive? Unfortunately the same does not happen with USB drives and that is why in this article we will tell you how to recover deleted files from a pendrive.

Recover USB Files, Is It Possible?

If possible!

Recovering deleted USB files for free is possible and there are different ways. You can do it through the system itself or using third-party software. In the case of Windows it may seem that it is easier to proceed, but it is not necessary. Some knowledge is needed.

Recover deleted files from pendrive for free on Windows

To use this way to recover files deleted from a pendrive we will need to resort to the CMD. We warn that it does not always work. The process is carried out as follows:

1 - Open the Start Menu and click on 'Run'. (You can also press the command Windows + R)

2 - Type CMD and hit the Enter key to open what is known as a command prompt.

3 - Now write this: ATTRIB -H -R -S / S / D G: *. *

4 - Finally we give Enter.

Clarification: the letter G must be replaced by the one that is necessary depending on the one that our team has assigned to our pendrive when connecting it. That is, if your team assigned the letter "F", we must replace the letter "G" from the previous command with "F".

Recover USB Files Using Restoring Previous Versions

If the previous process did not work or is too complicated for you, you can also restore the previous version (or previous versions) of your pendrive to recover the file in question. To do this, do the following:

1 - Right click on the folder where the file or files you deleted was and click Properties.

2 - Go to 'Previous Versions' and then 'File History' or 'Restore Points'.

3 - It is possible that different versions are shown to choose from. Choose the one you need and that's it.

Software to recover deleted files

Permanently deleted files on USB flash drives, memory cards, and HDD / SSD drives can be effectively recovered using free third-party data recovery software. One of the best known is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, and it is considered the safest and easiest file recovery tool on the market, allowing people to recover permanently deleted files from any type of storage device in just three steps simple. What is most interesting is that it allows you to recover 2GB of data completely free of charge. If you want to get more results you can get the premium version.

To download this software you can CLICK HERE, when you install it, you just have to choose the memory to scan and that's it!

Online: Recover Deleted Files

Many people ask if it is possible to recover deleted files from USB flash drive online, but this is highly unlikely. We are talking about physical devices that work with the memory of our equipment. It is possible that there is an online program that promises to do so, but it is difficult to recommend it, due to the poor reliability of the process and the high probability of vulnerability of the information that you want to recover on the device.

Recover deleted folder from pendrive

To recover a deleted folder from a pendrive we would follow exactly the same processes described above. If it is Windows, there are third-party software that can help us recover these deleted files, but in the case of Mac things get complicated if you don't have knowledge.

Has it happened to you? Have you deleted very important files from your USB on Windows or Mac that you urgently need to recover, but don't risk dealing with the matter with home remedies? If the answers have not been useful, we recommend that you go to a technical service to solve the problem since extra knowledge will be needed to obtain benefits.

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