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Adsense launches a new and improved Reports page so that you can get valuable information about the performance of your account faster and easier. At least that's how they officially announce it on their platform.

What will happen

As of August 25, 2020 Google Adsense has started to implement a new reporting platform for all publishers. The launch has been in phases, in some cases the new reports have been delayed but, as updates arrive, they will be presented in the accounts of the associates. Once the account is updated, the new page will be enabled automatically.

For those who initially cannot adapt to the changes, you can switch between the old and new experience at any time by clicking on the switch located at the upper end of the site.

The new news

1 - Simpler use: the interface has been redesigned to make it easier to select periods, filters, breakdowns, etc. Some metric groups have also been removed and a new metric selector added.
2 - Clearer and more understood visualizations: the graphs have been improved and a better integration to the table has been made. Each data series now has a control that allows you to view them on the chart with a single click.
3 - Improved experience for mobile devices: The new reports page for mobile has been optimized, which means that it will enjoy the same improvements on both computers and mobile devices.
4 - Greater support: more help options have been added to the product. You can now hover over the information icons on the interface to see an explanation of the metrics.


Report data:

* Since the change, reporting data for all AdSense products (AdSense for content, AdSense for search, etc.) has been limited to the last three years.
* We have also removed all YouTube and AdMob data (including estimated earnings) from the AdSense home page and reports. This change does not apply to billing and payment information.
* From now on publishers can download their previous data from the old Reports page (until the end of September) or from the new Reports page (until the end of 2020).

Saved reports:

* Only scheduled reports have been migrated to the new reports page, not saved ones.
* You can migrate the old reports you have saved from the new Reports page until the end of 2020.

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