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Uruguay is a South American country that is located between the two powers of that region: Argentina and Brazil. It has just 3.5 million inhabitants, it is a small country but with a giant heart, and football is its highest cultural expression. Through this Sport, the little giant is recognized worldwide.

Are you thinking of traveling and getting to know this great country? Today we bring you a special section that will help you to know a little more about Uruguay and its inhabitants. The trip is insured: Notice you will regret it!

Guide to know Uruguay:

The British guide Bradt, known for his tourist series since the 70s, dedicated an extensive article on Uruguay. "Whether it's the gauchos, the beaches or the carnival, come and take a look at Uruguay," Bradt's post begins. The article includes a list of the best places, a separate note about the Barcelona FC footballer (Luis Suárez), the mate (typical infusion of the region), and the five reasons to visit the smallest of the south in the American continent.

"They won the first World Cup; there are towns called Fray Bentos and Treinta y Tres; there are also much more cattle than people. That is what most people know about the country, but Uruguay is much more than the sum of its cows. Gauchos roam vast prairies, there are boutique fishing villages on pristine beaches and small family vineyards where their owners welcome visitors to taste their wonderful and innovative wines. This tranquil spot certainly has the ability to stand up to its more neighbors. big and ostentatious ", indicates the author of the note.

He speaks of Montevideo as "a fascinating and at the same time relaxed capital, with a completely different vibe from Buenos Aires: it is quiet and safe, with fascinating Art Deco architecture"

Compare the relationship of Uruguay and Argentina with that of Canada and the United States, England and Ireland, or Belgium and France, "a permanent feeling of being overshadowed by a bigger and noisier neighbor, feeling in reality that they are the smartest, most resourceful and creative ". "In fact, Uruguayan people are less party-loving than Argentine or Brazilian people, but more genuine and trustworthy, with a deep and innate sense of hospitality that delights all who take the time to get to know Uruguayans." , Bradt says.

Among the five reasons to visit Uruguay, they mention "a relaxed capital", "the endless party" (for carnival), "the place where corned beef originated" (today a museum in Fray Bentos), "walking through one of the largest canyons in the world "(the Quebrada de los Cuervos) and for the" rest and relaxation vacations "(referring to the spa known as José Ignacio).

10 places you will love:

1 - Punta del Este: In the style of Miami, it is the most popular city and spa in the country and the Region. Tourists from all over the world travel to this place that exudes charm, glamor, style, elegance and a movie nightlife.
2 - Montevideo: The capital of the national territory, showing its culture, expression and simplicity. It also has almost half of the country's population.
3 - West Coast: here we will find the sea, beach and ocean. Delicious afternoons and nights in the best South American spas.
4 - Colonia: Located just 1 hour and a half from the capital, it is a historic city recognized by UNESCO. With a unique and incomparable beauty, capital of great past battles.
5 - Carmelo: While quiet spas are common in Uruguay, Carmelo takes chic relaxation to the highest level.
Located upstream and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, visitors can entertain themselves by doing water sports, golf, horse racing and polo.
When it comes to luxury accommodations, Hyatt has recently taken over the reins of world-class real estate, renaming the Four Seasons Carmelo Resort & Spa.
Narbona Wine Lodge offers a great experience in a five bedroom country house overlooking the Tannat vineyards.
You can also enjoy a tent at the Posada Campo Tinto glamping.
6 - Casapueblo: Without a doubt a work of art in architecture. The mere fact of searching for images on Google invites anyone on the planet to visit this place.
7 - Punta Ballena: Are you looking for glamor and style? This site you must visit.
8 - Rocha: Region of Uruguay where the best beaches on the Atlantic are concentrated.
9 - North region: if you like to visit the essence of the places then you must visit the north of the Uruguayan territory. The most creole places are in these areas.
10 - Paysandu and Salto: Places of the main hot springs and concentration of family tourism.

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