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Quote by Carlos Acero: "Those who commit themselves unconditionally and constantly to achieve what they want, will end up achieving it." Thus we begin this article so that you can understand that if you want to conquer or fall in love with a woman, the first thing you must have is conviction followed by constancy and dedication.

First we must gather key elements to attract, seduce, conquer or fall in love with any woman, obtaining everything you want is possible through massive and intelligent action, this is an article whose objective is to support those who for some reason have relationship difficulties With the person you like, our vision is to support you. This text is designed in a simple way with the aim of showing you the elements that will bring you the greatest benefit when it comes to conquering the woman of your dreams.

First Steps: if you still don't know the girl ...

1- Establish eye contact: Never underestimate the power of non-verbal communication in these situations. But that doesn't mean you stare at her all the time like a psychopath.
2- Always Smile: The smile has to be rather mischievous, otherwise it may scare you. The answer after this "play" is essential: if he puts on a poker face, turns around, pretends he hasn't seen you, etc., sorry, game over. She is not interested. On the other hand, if he looks back at you and smiles mischievously, it is likely that he is and you can proceed to the next step.
3- Interact: Come over and ask him politely if he wants to dance or go to the bar for a drink. If she answers no, game over, but if she says yes, be nice and let her decide the distance at which she is most comfortable. Talk, laugh with her. Here you will find information on How to communicate better with a woman.
4- Get closer: If the chemistry flows, in one of those silences where the sexual tension is so evident that you can even smell the hormones miles away, jump in! (if it has not been launched before). If you are a shy person, you may be interested in how to manage shyness when interacting with women.

Always keep in mind: if the girl is not interested, do not hit yourself like a stick, do not approach, do not be insistent. Because that is harassing and also you will not achieve your goal. If you are not interested, it will always be best to forget it, period.

How to make a woman fall in love?

The situation is different if you meet the girl you want to conquer and they have even a minimal deal. The conquest on the one hand and the stage of infatuation on the other.

The truth is that it depends a lot on female psychology. Each woman (like people in general) has her own way of being, her own way of thinking, and above all, she has her own way of acting. For this we just have to remember the old saying that says "about tastes there is nothing written."

It is important that, when wanting to conquer and fall in love with a woman, you take into account the following essential points.

* Their lifestyle and ways of being.
* Have confidence in yourself as a mechanism of seduction.
* Control anxiety in the approach.
* Have or find a method of contact (something that is not invasive).
* Always keep in mind that girls like endless conversations.
* Know a little about female psychology - her emotional connection and intimacy.
* Cause admiration and approval.
* The relationships they prefer with a lot of passion and sex in their right measure.
* Cause emotional contagion, tenderness, fun and positive emotions.
* Think of a reserve as a generator of mystery and interest.
* At first avoid putting it on a pedestal.
* Do the homework, be strategic (you will understand).
* Girls like generosity as a lifestyle.
* Be aware of our errors and warnings.

Strategies to conquer and fall in love with a woman

After having several important points in the previous summary, it is time to test some strategies that can be very useful when it comes to reaching the girl of your dreams.

1 - Give subtle touches to the shoulder for a second: Science has shown that lightly touching a person's upper shoulder for a second can have a great effect on a psychological level. Believe it or not, this slight contact makes it more likely that the person will agree to any type of request (even if it is to go out to dance or to obtain their phone number).
2 - Imitate the movements of the other person. By this we mean various social processes, such as understanding speech, understanding the meaning of actions, non-verbal language, and empathy.
3 - Do some sport: Girls tend to see boys who do some sport more attractive. It does not matter your physical state at the beginning (she will not pay much attention to that) but an intrigue will be born to see your evolution.
4 - Make her heart beat faster: In other words, make her sigh. Several investigations have proven that this effect is due to the acceleration of your heart. Adrenaline is secreted in the early stages of falling in love and is responsible for this feeling of romantic tachycardia.
5 - Listen to seduction tactics and techniques that other people apply and match them to your way of being.

Bear in mind that true couples have key habits that help in their relationship. For decades it had been thought that what kept couples happy and stable was simply feeling "heard." However, several studies have shown that this type of "active communication" does not significantly influence the success of a relationship.

Having habits that involve activities together to achieve a common goal, such as: dance classes, unusual trips, cooking afternoons or original projects, can make a big difference in the long-term relationship.

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