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Previously we were talking about the topic: Tips to conquer a woman. We recommend that you read it if you are interested in knowing more about it.

There are several things to keep in mind to start your conquest task:

* You should know that attracting the attention of the male sex, falling in love or seducing a man is not always easy. Do not get carried away by the popular saying that "man is easier" because there you will be entering a comfort zone but not one of conquest. You will be encouraging the "is for a while and nothing else" mode.
* A fundamental weapon is to use a little "mystery".
* You should try to make physical contact (start with light and subtle things).
* Always try to listen to him and talk to him about what interests him.
* It is important to know that there is the mirror technique (looking and being looked at) must be applied.
* Dazzle him! Guys love that.

Now that you know some starting points, we will try to answer some questions that will serve to learn more about the male sex.

What is it that makes men fall in love with?

As you already know, there are no secret or magic formulas. Men base their emotions in the same way as a woman, with the difference that they are less sensitive, but when you reach her without a doubt she achieves a very high intensity. It's just a matter of patience and providing love with a simple procedure.
* Be your safe and unconditional place in the world. Your favorite person, your well-being.
* Learn to listen to it.
* Make him always feel supported.
* Make sure there is always laughter without fail.
* Show Loyalty.
* Always provide sexual attraction. (Do not forget that women fall in love more through sensitivity and men through other senses)
* Always give him his personal space.
* Be aware and take care of your health.

How do you conquer them?

Smile at him, be always cheerful and positive, it is a tremendously attractive attitude for men and also for people in general. We all like to surround ourselves with positivity and we like to see faces lit up by happiness.
Be flirtatious, try to always look pretty, but without neglecting your personal style.

What words to use to seduce a man?

If what you want is to learn how to seduce a man with words then what you should know is that you will have to know and investigate his tastes in life and thus be able to talk about more general topics and what attracts him. Being an observant person leads to a great advantage.
Therefore, you must make him feel a little curious about you, never believe that you are crazy about him or that you want to conquer him, just show him that the interests are common.

What is it that makes a man fall in love with a woman?

There are many qualities that can help you but here we name the most common that a man looks for from a woman.
* Trust in herself. Men love women who show confidence.
* The intelligence.
* Ability to laugh.
* Ability to take care of your health.
* Capacity for loyalty and honesty.
* Know how to listen.
* Know how to enjoy attraction and sex.
* Have the capacity for Consideration.

What to do to make a man fall in love in bed?

Techniques are really unnecessary. Guys love hot and passionate women. Each person has their own style and shape, but if you think you are a little short on ideas, here are some tips.
* Always try to use your imagination. Surprise him!
* Take the initiative and bet on spontaneity. Guys also love to be seduced and feel desired.
* We must always have a suitable and calm environment.
* Do role-playing games.
* Let him observe you. Without a doubt, this turns them on a lot.
* Kiss it! Do it always, do it smooth and passionate. Let it melt for you.
* Make him wait. Wear it gently.
* Take a shower with him. They are fascinated by a sensual body underwater.

How long does a man's love last?

For this we must differences between falling in love and being in love.
On the one hand, falling in love implies a stage of passionate love, it has an average duration of six to eight months, because people spend a lot of time together and later it gives way to what is love as a couple. Love as such can last a lifetime if people want to be for each other constantly. They feel that the other being completes their half, their better half.

How to make a man go crazy in love for me?
Conquest is always the first step. Making a guy go crazy for you depends on many factors, but the good thing is that we mentioned many of them in previous steps.
The truth is that if you can always be seductive for him, then you will be taking a giant step to achieve your goals.

How to know if a man falls in love?

Some of the keys to knowing you are going in the right direction are the following.
* He does not act the same with you as with others. With you it can be more detailed.
* He manages to express himself with you.
* Find excuses to spend time together.
* Achieve the mirror effect. (look at you and look at yourself)
* They talk about the future together.
* He looks at you a lot and you notice that he is crazy about you.

How long does the love of lovers last?

Question with a difficult answer. There are passing lovers and others who come to stay. Only time and what you feel can give you that answer.
Do not persecute yourself, each one with their things.

How long does love last?

We also discussed this point previously, but what is striking is that (beyond your emotions) scientists say that "biologically our body cannot withstand this situation for a long time, which is why it causes a decrease in this chemical overload. It is estimated that the period in which we experience such intense sensations that we identify with love lasts about two or three years, with a maximum of four ".
It will be up to each of us to believe this theory or not.

How to know if it is love or an obsession?

In obsession, the other person is perceived as an element that we lack and without which it is difficult to live. That is to say, the reason for the relationship that one seeks to have with someone is largely low self-esteem. In love, on the other hand, the other person is seen as something that complements us.

Finally, after having answered several of the questions that you are surely asking yourself to make a boy fall in love, we must conclude that the ideal is to always be yourself.
Make him fall in love with you and not with a character, but still we must put a little effort in the conquest and it is essential that you follow the previous advice. If you manage to keep the head of the man of your dreams seduced then you will achieve an immense effect and affection from him towards you.

What do you think? Do you know other methods? Let us know in the comment box and you will be helping more people who want to conquer a man.

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