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Do we have new Puppy Dogs at home? Today we bring you a series of tips to successfully overcome the first months of our new pet's life.

To begin, we must know how to recognize that expanding the family with a puppy is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Adopting a puppy is an adventure that can seem exciting, and it is; but it is also a lifelong responsibility that will not always be an easy ride.

In the first days in your new home, it is vitally important to consider the following tips:

1 - Before you get home it is recommended that your things be ready. The first days for the animal are of exploration and of getting used to in their home, so giving them a space where they are comfortable is vital.

2 - As they are very restless beings, it is necessary to find them a comfortable bed that is appropriate to their age and size, where they can rest. Although they tend to be very outgoing, they also sleep a lot after physical activity.

3 - Have the feeder and drinker at your disposal soon. They should always have clean water and their food ready, since being puppies they usually eat several times a day.

4 - Obviously puppies are usually playful and tireless, so it will be important to have their toys destined so that they do not look for them on their own. By making toys available to them, we will prevent them from chewing on things they shouldn't. They will also be entertained and develop better.

5 - Finally, it is essential that we provide you with a suitable pet bath. If we teach them to relieve themselves in the appropriate place from the first days on, we will not have behavior and education problems.

Adaptation period:

This is one of the most important stages in the life of puppy dogs. It is understood between 2 and 4 months of age. This stage is the one that will mark the character of our pet when they reach adulthood.

It is essential that, during this period, the puppies are exposed to as many situations as possible. Always, bearing in mind that the exposure must be associated with a positive stimulus.

Puppies should be with all kinds of people, children and adults. They must interact with other animals, both dogs and cats, of all ages and sizes. And they must get used to noise, travel, etc.

If in these months they do not face all these different situations, in the future they may develop behavior problems. Fear or aggressiveness are some of the problems that we can find.

Sometimes at this stage there are contradictions for the owner. This is so, because it also corresponds to the vaccination stage. It is risky for them to go out on the streets and interact with animals that are not properly vaccinated. To do this, they must first finalize the vaccination schedule.

Even so, we can carry them out. Thus, they will get to know different environments and noises. We may also introduce you to dogs of friends and family that we know are healthy and vaccinated. By doing this, we will ensure that our puppy is balanced and achieves a happy stage.

Puppy Education:

The life of puppy dogs is a constant learning. It is very important that for the first few months, we focus on their education about the behaviors that we want them to have as adults. Dogs are animals that learn much faster if they are taught by rewarding them. This is called a positive education.

The more time you spend with your puppy, the easier it will be to educate him and correct misbehavior. The most basic guidelines of education are:

* The call: it is about learning to go immediately when called by name. In the beginning this is something simple. But do not make mistakes such as scolding him when he comes to us if he did not come to the first call. In this case, the dog associates the call and his name as something negative. Every time our puppy comes to us for our call, we must reward him.
* Basic commands: these commands are: sit, lie down and stay. We can teach our dog by rewarding its natural postures at the beginning and associating them with the word we want to use and a prize. They will take it as a game, and they will learn without any problem.
* Hygienic behavior: This is perhaps the most tedious part of teaching puppies. It is recommended to use soaps at the beginning. Puppies usually relieve themselves just after waking up, after eating, and after playing. The first days we must be very attentive, and place them on top of the soakers so that they do it there. Little by little they will get used to it, and we can get used to doing it on the street when they are properly vaccinated.

We already have the first tips to start. Do not forget that the world of education and living with dogs at home is very extensive, but if you manage to follow this series of tips, you can have a pleasant coexistence and enjoy the magic of having a four-legged friend.

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