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invisible friend

Today we will learn with ideas and clues to Play the Invisible Friend. It is a great hobby to carry out with our comrade, at work, school or in a group of colleagues who wish to share an all-time distraction.

As a fan of this game, I keep in my memory the first gift they gave me when I was a child and was a schoolmate. I also remember that that day I had to give a girl a bag of sweets. We were only 7 years old so imagine the face of happiness when receiving sweets just before going to recess.

It is clear that over time the dynamics of the game have changed. When I started to play it at school, the teacher would put together a bag with pieces of paper from each of the classmates, we would take one out at random and keep it quiet waiting for the day to come; at that moment we were about to guess, or at least try to find out, who it was.

Today there are some aspects that remain, although we can also say that new ingredients have been added that make the Invisible Friend more interesting.

The incorporation of technology is one of the changes that have been made, even to make the previous draw, now we do it directly from any mobile or from an application. Another change is to incorporate the initiative to leave clues so that during the week that person tries to guess who it is; Although this rarely happens, because to tell the truth, we take care of making things quite difficult, what we end up doing is that instead of leaving clues we end up misleading little by little.

Ideally, it would be to leave little things for our partner to discover us little by little, but being honest, nobody wants that.

Some of us have very short imaginations and we can't do things that attract attention and are entertaining. So today I bring you a compilation of ideas obtained from different Internet sites to help you develop clues that are truly worthwhile.

We are going to list some tips so you can get your ideas. Do not forget to leave new ideas in the comments so that others will be able to benefit as well as you.


1 - It is not necessary to leave pieces of paper with clues, this is being deprecated. Now you can send him some text with a fake email, a sms, a Whattsapp, or whatever comes to mind.

2 - Put a clue but in a way that misleads him. That is, use codes that the person does not know about you but that describe you.

3 - You can leave them different logos with activities you do. For example, if you spend long hours on your Facebook profile you can leave a "Like" hand, if you spend many hours on twitter you can leave a picture of a bird.

4 - Another good option would be to leave or send them audios with distorted voices. You can tell him / her your thoughts about him / her or just leave clues to help him / her guess the person in question.

5 - Maybe this idea is a bit basic but leaving your favorite song on can also work. Surely you will wonder who or who of your friends know him / her enough to know that detail.

I hope this little guide can be useful to you and you can have fun playing Invisible Friend. Hopefully you are the best in the game and get a great prize.

Do not forget that beyond having fun it will always be important to improve our relationship with a friend, a co-worker or a colleague of shares.

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