Google Adsense stopped making payments through Western Union


 "Western Union will no longer be available as a form of payment", as was announced in the company through a statement to all its users directly from the statistics platform.

Google Adsense warns that "as of August 10, 2020, Western Union will not be able to be selected as a new form of payment. Western Union payments will be stopped in early 2021, so the company recommends that publishers use this payment method that they start using another of the options that are available.

If Western Union is used, Adsense will notify in advance how long you can use the service to receive payments in your country. Members are also kindly requested to consult for more information on other forms of payment that can be used and how to configure them.
 Google also tells us that when income reaches the payment method selection threshold, its form can be selected. Depending on your payment address, the following options will be available from now on:

* Quick Form (account in Russia)
* Checks
* Bank transfers
* Bank transfer through the Unique Area of ​​Payments in Euros (SEPA)

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