Facebook: everything you need to know to make money with this Social Network


There are various ways to earn money on the internet and Social Networks are a fundamental structure to take into account. Pages and accounts that share content with your audience on Facebook are an important part of our ecosystem, adding value to our community and different advertisers. From the platform, monetization tools have been created to help people and organizations to generate reliable and significant income that is maintained over time.

How to make money with a page on Facebook?

There are several ways to earn income with Facebook but here we leave you the 5 most common methods that are often used.
1 - Make money on Facebook through mentions.
2 - Sell your own products.
3 - Promote affiliate products on your page.
4 - Send traffic to your blog with AdSense ads (or whatever advertising system you use).
5 - Sell your own Facebook page.

How much does Facebook pay for 10,000 followers?

If you are going to invest in Fans, you could get between 200 to 800 for every $ 1, but everything will depend on your publication and the segmentation you do (that is why you must learn to use Facebook Ads) That is to say that you would need about $ 50 approximately to reach the 10,000 that Facebook asks you.

How much does Facebook pay for followers?

In the previous step we gave you an orientation. As you already know, not any page with followers can monetize, but they need to meet minimum requirements to achieve it.

How to monetize Facebook?

This is how it is usually monetized on Facebook
1 - Have at least 10k followers on your Facebook page.
2 - During the last 60 days you need at least 30k reproductions of at least 1 minute in videos that last a minimum of 3 minutes.
3 - Of course, the monetization policies for partners must be met.
4 - You must be in a country where the system is enabled. Cannot be monetized from any country

When does Facebook start paying you?

Using Facebook as a means to make yourself known is very important and will lead you to obtain great benefits.
Once the videos you upload have many visits, there you will be able to earn money with this Social Network. Facebook is not going to pay you at the moment, but some brands that want to appear in your videos will.

How to make money with Facebook gaming?

To obtain income in this way you must attach the following requirements:
1 - Have a videogame creator page (or transform an existing one).
2 - Broadcast live at least 2 days in the last 2 weeks.
3 - Broadcast live at least 4 hours in the last 14 days.
4 - Have a minimum of 100 followers.

How to make money with videos on Facebook?

Again we explain what was said above but it is necessary because there are users who are looking for this answer.
Post videos from a page.
1 - First you must accept the Monetization Policies for partners.
2 - Have at least 10,000 followers.
3 - You must be in a supported country and use an available language.
4 - Post videos of at least three minutes (if possible longer than this time).

How much does Facebook gaming pay?

Facebook Gaming is undoubtedly Facebook's streaming platform.
As such, it is completely free. The best thing about this system is that during streaming you can interact through a chat that is on the right side of the screen.

How much does Facebook pay for views?

Buzzfeed published a report referring to the 'boom' of new 'online' video creators. As far as is known, Facebook would be paying certain media and stars $ 250,000 for 20 live videos every three months (small change for a company that earns more than 5,000 million euros each quarter). All crazy for the times.

How do I know if I can already monetize on Facebook?

In order to find out, we will do the following:
1 - Go to Creator Studio.
2 - On the left, click on the Monetization tab.
3 - Select the page whose eligibility you want to check.
4 - Click Apply.
Once the data is obtained, you will have the necessary information to be able to proceed.

How to enter Creator Studio Facebook?

This is very simple. To access Creator Studio, you only have to, from the corporate page, click on «publishing tools» and, in the left menu and just below tools, there is a link to Creator Studio.

What steps to follow to verify a page on Facebook?

It is something common but also quite consulted so to achieve it we must do the following:
1 - Access the Settings of the page you want to verify.
2 - Go to the General menu and click.
3 - Go to the Verification page.

How to enter Facebook gaming?

If you want to watch streams on Facebook Gaming, all you have to do is access the platform, which is free and is currently free of ads. You can do it directly through your Facebook profile by clicking on the "Video games" section.

How to join Facebook gaming?

1 - Go to the game video page builder.
2 - Specify a name for the page.
3 - Select on Continue.
4 - Select Upload a profile photo or click Skip.
5 - Select Upload a cover photo or click Skip.

What is better facebook Gaming or Twitch?

Unlike Facebook Gaming, this platform offers diversity in its content since it has many more channels apart from video games and we can find categories such as Talk Shows, sports channels or live dance broadcasts.

How does Creator Studio Facebook work?

How to access Creator Studio from Facebook
In order to use this tool, users only have to go to the website "www.facebook.com/creatorstudio". When they have accessed, they just have to click on the "Start" button.

What is Facebook Creator?

Facebook Creator is an independent application related to Facebook and focused on those people who already have a YouTube channel, a successful Facebook page and, in short, are known for their work that they offer through the web.

How to make Facebook pay you?

1 - Go to the payment settings in the ad manager.
2 - In the Payment method section, click Add payment method.
3 - Choose the method you want to add, fill in the information and click Continue.

How do you make money with a Facebook page?

Go to the “Facebook” section of Creator Studio.
Select the Monetization tab, then click Overview.

What does Facebook mean for Android?

Facebook is the social network par excellence, the only one that almost no one dares to compete with. For mobile phones it has two applications: the original version and the Lite version. Both Android apps are frequently updated, although Facebook carries the reputation of being a heavy, slow application that weighs down all the mobiles that install it.

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