Cats and the pain they suffer in mating


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Today we will dedicate ourselves to talking about the painful reason for the screeching of cats during mating in the jealous stage.

No one can fail to recognize that cats are very adorable creatures. Although they retain their wild and somewhat untamed nature, these pets are excellent companions capable of brightening up the home of any family.

However, anyone who has ever owned a cat knows what they suffer when they decide to mate with another specimen of the species. Obviously they are in immense pain. Their shrieks scream making the process, natural as it may be, a true ordeal.

But ... what is it that really causes so much pain?

It turns out that the cat penis is a piece of evolutionary engineering from the animal kingdom. Unlike most penises of other mammalian species, the penis of cats has a series of backward-pointing barbs or hooks, which literally tear the walls of the vagina when the penis is withdrawn.

cats penis

Fundamentally ... What would be the purpose of this?

Nature is wise and rarely makes mistakes (although there could be exceptions, clearly). Despite the pain it causes, this penile design fulfills vitally important functions to preserve this species.

1 - It facilitates the ovulation of females, since by not having a fixed reproductive cycle the eggs are simply released during sexual intercourse.

2 - It is also known that this species has induced ovulation (this is how it is known among biologists). It is precisely the damage and pain inflicted on the penis of cats that triggers the production of hormones that cause ovulation. So a cat cannot ovulate unless she mates.

Also ... what would be the other functions?

Scientists believe that this is not the only reason why felines have this shape in the reproductive limb. After mating, fertilization can take between 20 and 50 hours. The cat can actually mate with other males during that interim, and even have puppies from multiple parents. So the next cat will find the penis hooks very useful. He will use them to try to extract as much sperm as possible from the previous male and thus perpetuate his genes.

The shape of the cat's penis also helps prevent the female from escaping during mating, as it latches onto the walls of the reproductive tract. We must bear in mind that cats are solitary animals that do not live in packs or families and that they have limited social interaction. The female cats could react with an evasion and escape if the male's penis had no way of avoiding it. To help support the female during ejaculation, cats stick their fangs into the back of the female's neck, which is an additional source of pain for the female.

Data: Article written by the VIX Portal

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