US arrests Chinese scientist refugee at San Francisco consulate

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 In a context of tensions between China and the United States, they arrested scientist Tang Juan, one of the four people accused of "lying about his membership in the Chinese Army" when they processed his visa.

The US Department of Justice reported on Thursday the indictment against four people for visa fraud and concealing their membership in the Chinese military. Three of them had already been arrested and the fourth person, the Chinese investigator, had taken refuge in her country's consulate in San Francisco.

Tang Juan, is a specialist in cancer treatments and has been working since January in a laboratory at the University of California. According to the prosecution, investigators discovered photos of her in uniform, establishing that she worked for a Chinese military hospital.

The Justice Department said that Tang Juan "is in police custody and will appear in court for the first time later in the day," without giving further details about the arrest. According to sources, he is now in Sacramento in US custody.

If convicted, the four people can each face 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000.

Washington accused Beijing of using its diplomatic headquarters as administrators of spy networks to steal intellectual property from companies, universities and research centers.

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