What documentation is needed to travel to New Zealand?

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New Zealand opens its community to receive each person who wishes to visit the country.

Getting to do all the preparations is necessary when we want to make a trip that involves taking into account and paying special attention to the necessary documentation that is required in the destination country. When traveling abroad, and even more outside the European Union, the data varies by site.

In most cases, the lack of any of the documents or the non-compliance with the requirements established by the destination country may be reason for the tourist to be denied entry.

Documentation required to travel to New Zealand

Thus, those who plan to make a tourist or transit visit in New Zealand will have to take into account the regulations, first of all, regarding the passport. Those who travel with a Spanish passport must not obtain a visa, but are obliged to meet the following requirements:

1 - Have a passport valid for at least one month at the time of leaving the country. In any case, it is recommended that you travel with a passport that is valid for more than three months when you leave New Zealand;
2 - Fill out an entry form.
3 - Have an Electronic Travel Authorization (NZeTA) before starting the trip. Its processing can be done online, with a cost of 12 New Zealand dollars, or through a telephone application, in which case the cost is 9 dollars. Its processing usually concludes in a maximum of 72 hours and will be valid for 2 years.
4 - Have an exit ticket from New Zealand to a country that you are allowed to enter, including the requirements for it.
5 - Have enough money to live in New Zealand for the period of stay: this money should be NZ $ 400 per month if accommodation is available or NZ $ 1,000 if accommodation is not available.

If the trip is made from a European country, such as Spain, With these requirements the visitor can stay in the country for up to three months. Keep in mind that if you leave the country, you will have to present all the documentation to re-enter. In this regard, the NZeTA remains valid for two years regardless of the number of entries, as reported by the Foreign Ministry.

For tourist visits of more than three months, it is necessary to request a visit visa. In addition, it is possible to extend the stay while in New Zealand, requesting such a visa once in the country and within three months of the initial visit.

For other non-tourist or transit visits of less than three months, a visa is required. Finally, most people traveling to New Zealand will have to pay a tourist and conservation fee. In the case of people who request the NZeTA, they must pay it at the same time that they request it. The cost is $ 35.

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