Manhattan: rooms offered as offices due to covid crisis


So far, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has affected New York's hotel industry (as well as other parts of the planet), driving occupancy rates to a minimum of 15%.

New York City hotels, struggling to navigate the pandemic economy, are doing everything they can to boost their business. For NoMo Soho, that means offering their rooms to homebound workers.

The property offers rooms with desks, snacks, Wi-Fi, and "views of Manhattan that are sure to enhance the backdrop for your virtual meetings." The cost of temporary offices starts at US $ 89 for four hours.

"We are trying to see what the new demand will be," said Amir Richulsky, executive director of Sapir Corp., the company that owns the hotel. "Office workers need more space, social distancing and we are trying to be there, ahead of the curve."

The pandemic has hit New York's hotel industry, dragging occupancy rates down to as low as 15%. While some Americans have started traveling again, particularly to destinations within a reasonable distance from their homes by car, the New York lodging market depends on corporate travel and international visits. Prospects for a long recovery have led some homeowners to consider new uses, such as converting hotels to office buildings or affordable housing.

The Roger Smith Hotel, north of Grand Central Terminal, recently entered into an agreement to rent event space to a digital marketing company that will use it as an office, according to John Knowles, director of public spaces at the property.

"Their Soho rent is currently double what we can offer them," he said. "There could be interest from companies that are downsizing or downsizing their offices."

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