Ideas to spend Valentine's Day as a couple


Valentine's Day

February 14 is Valentine's Day, known as "Valentine's Day and friendship." Therefore, we bring you a series of romantic ideas so that you can have the best day with your partner.

1- Romantic Travel: It's always fun to get rid of this dating habit. Taking advantage of the benefits of the climate for this special day, you can rent a house or a spa to simply go on an excursion to a different place, it will make this day an unforgettable memory.

2- Go to a hotel to rent a themed room: High-turnover hotels offer themed rooms, and surely renting one of the themed rooms can make Valentine's night a very special night. You can be very happy with your partner.

3- Surprise: It does not matter what surprise you give, be it a gift, an experience or another occurrence. This gesture always occupies a special place in our hearts.

4- Delicious dinner (or lunch): As the saying goes, "full stomach, happy heart," what if you use your talents in the kitchen to entertain your love on Valentine's Day? If you don't have a kitchen, rent a catering service at home or try to get a special menu.

5- Celebrate Valentine's Day by discovering your city of love: Can you imagine the love of your life, exploring the most romantic place in the city on Valentine's Day? Through the test track game, let your imagination run wild and turn your city into a gym of love.

6- Recreate a scene from your favorite movie for Valentine's Day: A very special aspect of Valentine's surprises is creativity. The most important thing for your partner is the details, knowing that you have invested time in them and, most importantly, this is unpredictable. In this sense, we have a clear idea. What is your partner's favorite romantic movie?

Mediterranean diet: the main benefits of aging


Mediterranean diet

Today we will talk about the great benefits of the Mediterranean diet in aging.

More than a decade ago, the Mediterranean diet was declared an intangible heritage of humanity. The benefits of this type of diet are directly related to the intestinal microbiome and its impact on healthy aging.

According to a study published in the Gut magazine by the British Medical Journal group, following the Mediterranean diet for a year can improve the types of gut bacteria associated with "healthy" aging and reduce bacteria associated with harmful inflammation in older people.

Aging is related to the deterioration of body functions and increased inflammation, heralding the beginning of frailty, but the effect of the Mediterranean diet on intestinal bacteria "will help slow the development of physical and cognitive frailty" that researchers warn to be related to old age.

The scientists cautioned that the results did not determine the causal relationship of the microbiome in health, and some meanings are inferred rather than directly measured. They pointed out that the interaction between diet, the microbiome and human health is a "complex phenomenon in microbes" that end up affecting several factors.

The research team led by Paul O'Toole from the University of Cork in Ireland studied whether the Mediterranean diet can maintain the microbiome in the gut of the elderly and promote the retention and even the spread of bacteria associated with healthy aging.

To do this, they analyzed the gut microbiome of 612 people aged 65 to 79 from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom, divided them into two groups and followed them for a year before and after starting their diet.

One group continued with their daily diet and the other with a Mediterranean diet specially designed for the elderly, rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, olive oil and fish, and low in red meat and saturated fat.

Studies have shown that after twelve months of a Mediterranean diet there have been beneficial changes in the intestinal muscles. In this sense, it is related to stopping the loss of bacterial diversity, the increase in bacteria and indicators of reduced vulnerability (such as walking speed or grip strength) and the improvement of bacteria. Brain functions, such as memory, and reduce the production of potentially harmful inflammatory chemicals.

Detailed analysis shows that the changes in the microbiome are related to the growth of bacteria known to produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids. In addition, it is related to the reduction of bacteria involved in the production of certain bile acids, and the overproduction of bile acids is associated with an increased risk of bowel cancer, insulin resistance, fatty liver and cell damage.

This change is largely due to increased dietary fiber and related vitamins and minerals, especially C, B6, B9, copper, potassium, iron, manganese, and magnesium. The observed results have nothing to do with age or weight (body mass index), which affects the composition of the microbiome.

The Mediterranean diet includes the regular consumption of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, olive oil, fish, low-fat and dairy products, meat, poultry, and wine.

MBA: The best of the moment



The mba have become very popular these days. It is clear that its growth is due to the need for users to expand the educational offer due to the great demand that exists.

Not everyone knows what an MBA is, but today we will try to solve that problem and provide you with information about it.

What is an MBA and what is it for?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master's degree that allows you to develop management skills to achieve managerial positions.

What is the difference between a master's degree and an MBA?

The main difference between an MBA and a master's degree is that the former provides a broader perspective, while the latter focuses on more specific functional areas of the specific company or department. This means that the master's program focuses more on the theoretical aspects of management.

How long does an MBA take?

The duration usually varies from one year to a year and a half to two, depending on the specialty and the university.

What is an Executive MBA Master?

These are master's degrees for executives, entrepreneurs and managers who perform important tasks in the company and have a good understanding of how the business world works. They tend to make more flexible arrangements at the time and period of time that are compatible with the pace of work of these professionals.

Why study an MBA?

Better career development opportunities.

With their qualifications, MBA graduates have greater opportunities to obtain and maintain senior management positions. It is estimated that 70% of global MBA graduates are senior managers or directors.

List of the best MBS of the moment:

* Insead (France / Singapore)

* London Business School (England)

* HEC Paris (France)

* Iese Business School (Spain)

* Cambridge University: Judge (England)

* University of Oxford: Saïd (England)

* ESADE Business School (Spain)

* IMD Business School (Switzerland)

* SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy)

* Warwick Business School (England)

Christmas: the best decorations to make at home


When Christmas arrives, incredible moments are lived with the closest and dearest people. These are the most anticipated days of the year, no matter where you live in the world.

The decorations for these holidays are a fundamental part of the entire organization that we have to share with our loved ones. That is why today we will try to resolve some concerns of our users on the Internet and we will also give you several tips so that you can apply and adapt them to your needs.

Ideas of Decorations for Christmas?

1- Snowmen with plastic cups.
2- Christmas wreaths.
3- Christmas decorations with soda cans.
4- Christmas stars with soda or beer cans.
5- Lamps with Nespresso capsules.
6- Gears as decorations for the Christmas tree.
7- Christmas scene in a glass jar.
8- Bells with cups of tea or coffee.
9- Balls or Christmas decorations with CDs.
10- Christmas decorations with PET bottles.
11- Balls with magazines or newspapers.
12- With wine corks.
13- With mud or clay.
14- Snowflake with wine corks.
15- Ornaments with Pasta.
16- Lego pieces.
17- RAM memories.(Idea for the most technological)
18- With bottle caps.
19- Homemade Christmas balloons.
20- Pistachio shells.
21- Christmas balls with light bulbs.
22- Penguins with light bulbs.

How to decorate the house with little money at Christmas?

1- Candlestick with spheres and ribbon. ...
2- Make a star to receive your visitors. ...
3- Crown of spheres. ...
4- Use branches! ...
5- Create some candles. ...
6- Create a rug that looks great at the entrance of your house. ...
7- Crown of stamens. ...
8- Make a curtain of snow.

Activities to do at home during Christmas time

1- Sing Christmas songs.
2- Make a Christmas ornament to give as a gift.
3- Prepare cookies.
4- Create a Christmas lottery.
5- Dance under the light of the Christmas tree.
6- Visiting someone we haven't seen for a long time.
7- Go to the movies.
8- Select toys to donate.

Ideas to Create a Recycling Christmas Tree

1- Tree with beer cans.
2- Christmas tree with CDs or DVDs.
3- Christmas tree with wooden logs.
4- Christmas tree with rolls of toilet paper.
5- Christmas tree with wooden branches.
6- Christmas tree with pallet.
7- Christmas tree with PET bottles.

In summary, we have given you some details of what you can organize for Christmas and New Years. But this does not end here!
In the following video you will see interesting things that will be very useful to achieve your purposes. We suggest that you watch it and get more information about it.

If you liked this article, we ask you to share it on the different Social Networks so it can reach more people who are looking for the same thing as you. If you have other ideas to contribute, we ask you to leave us a comment, so you will be helping other users with the same concerns that you have had.

From our website we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams and wishes be achieved.

Tips to take care of plants in times of drought in an Urban Garden


Urban Garden

In many countries there are moments of climate in which a significant period of drought is suffered, reaching more than a month and a half associated, in addition, to almost permanent wind, which makes dehydration more important than in other years or at other times.

It is healthy that from time to time there is a little considerable rain to give respite and refresh the temperatures of the plants, but it is necessary that it is not very strong, because otherwise it penetrates little into the soil. Therefore we must take precautions with our crops.

Many people often share photos online to ask for help. They think their seedlings are sick, but in reality they lack water. An important sign of drought is that when we see Josefinas or Agapanthos in the flowerbeds of the city, the plants are extremely resistant, but when they are missing when the amount of water is large, it will begin to turn yellow.

Therefore we must:

1- Gently water the plants at times when there is no sun.
2- If the plants are in pot, water more frequently since dehydration is greater in pots.
3- In flower beds, protect the soil with grass cuttings, peels, leaves, this helps to slow down evaporation.
4- Avoid wetting flowers, especially in sunny hours.
5- Control the presence of aphids since when the plants suffer these they tend to attack more, in which case spray with insecticide, preferably organic.
6- If possible move the pots to less sunny and windy places.

Women: more prone to multiple sclerosis due to hormonal activity


Mexican expert Miguel Ángel Macías said Tuesday that hormonal activity and the immune system make women more susceptible to multiple sclerosis, an incurable and disabling disease.

Women are more susceptible to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, or multiple sclerosis. Macías from Guadalajara (Mexico) said that these hormones must act like the nervous system, and the problem with sclerosis is that the direct cause is not clear.

He noted that no genetic marker indicates that young women are three times more likely to suffer from this disease than men, which is why it is so difficult to detect. In addition, it is considered the main cause of non-traumatic disability in the elderly.

"The most serious thing is that it appears in very young people, especially women, between 20 and 40 years old. There are 3 women for every affected male. He said that they are usually diagnosed between 25 and 30 years old, which is the moment where the most are planning ahead and are in their productive years.

In Mexico, 12 to 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants suffer from this chronic and inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which in 80% of cases is manifested by an attack on myelin function. Function is spread by transmitting nerve impulses. They are left with irreversible neuronal sequelae.

He explained that between the first crisis that manifests itself as part of the body paralysis and the moment when the patient is forced to use a wheelchair, it can be 7 to 10 years, which leaves a very worrying statistic.

The academic from the University of Guadalajara also explained that those countries closest to the poles have the highest number of cases. Taking Canada as an example: there are 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and there are 250 and 400 cases in Northern Europe.

Some symptoms are total or partial body paralysis for more than 24 hours, loss of vision in one eye, loss of pain, sexual dysfunction, limb weakness, persistent fatigue, cramps, cognitive impairment, tingling, intestinal problems, or loss of physical coordination.

Multiple sclerosis expert Dr. Fernando Cortés Enríquez said that there are many treatments for the disease, ranging from anti-inflammatory of the nervous system to immunosuppressants to rebuild the immune system.

Experts introduced a new drug called cladribine, which patients must take once a year for two weeks, which will make patients better comply with treatment.
The drug has been approved in Mexico and 60 countries (including the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, and 10 Latin American countries).

With information from EFE

Luis Suarez signed a contract with Atlético de Madrid


Luis suarez

Luis Suarez signed a two-season contract with Atlético de Madrid. The 33-year-old Uruguayan forward underwent a medical examination and then made contact with the mattress team that will face Granada this Sunday.

After Atlético de Madrid officially signed Luis Suárez on Friday, the player officially signed with the Madrileño club. As a result, the uncertain period in which the Uruguayan striker was sunk in recent weeks has officially ended.

"This is how a player with a world-wide proven quality lands in our club," reads the document from the rojiblanca institution. He then highlights all the details of the "Gunman" professional career that led him to be an elite striker.

Suárez arrives from Barcelona, ​​where Atlético says that the Uruguayan established himself "as one of the pillars of the Barça team" and achieved individual figures that "credit him as the third highest scorer in the history of the Barcelona team, only behind two historical: Messi and César Rodríguez ".

In this way, the career of one of the best Uruguayan forwards in history has officially started a new stage, and according to the mattress statement, "one of the greatest offensive referents in world football."

Canada: You are looking to attract Argentine talents, what kind of professionals are you looking for?

canada and argentina

The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine continue to be cross-cutting issues in the Argentine reality. Health measures will be continuously evaluated based on the evolution of the incident, with the aim of flattening the coronavirus contagion curve without overloading the health system. In this sense, in the absence of a vaccine against this virus and the problems that cannot be solved in many parts of the world, many people are eager to change their lives.

The Canadian government calls all Argentines who want to work there and want to try their luck. The proposal is aimed at workers who can work in the field of information technology (IT) for one year, with an annual salary between 68,000 and 80,000 Canadian dollars (ranging from 51,000 to 60,000 US dollars, approximately).

The Talent Montreal invitation is very attractive for Argentines because it offers the possibility of working and studying in Canada for 12 months, of which the first 6 months are dedicated to studying and only work up to 20 hours per week, and the second phase is dedicated solely to work.

What differentiates Argentine workers and why should they look so much abroad? For the human resources expert Alejandro Melamed, although it is impossible to generalize the Argentine worker, there are still some characteristics that distinguish him from the rest of the world: "He is a Person accustomed to facing difficulties, he has very good adaptability, which makes him an option ideal for many organizations around the world. It is also known for its innovation, which is why they are in high demand and sought after all over the planet. ".

The specialist pointed out that: “The Argentine is characterized by producing innovative solutions quickly, which gives it a high position because we live in a turbulent world and the ability to generate different options anywhere in the world is highly valued. On the other hand, he is very easy to integrate into all teams, attracted by social activities, seeks to take leadership positions and is very willing to discover new cultures and learn".

The fact is that in addition to calling to study and work, Canada also offers a program called "Express Entry" so that people from all over the world can obtain residence rights. One of the most important requirements applicable to the program is that they must work in the immigration occupation they seek.


Data necessary to apply to the program:

Argentine passport holders must register for Canadian International Experience (Work Holiday). You can find information on how to work and study in Montreal on the Talent Montreal website. (Click Here)

The requirements are:
1- Being between 18 and 35 years old
2- Have an Argentine passport valid for at least a year and a half since the application is submitted. Have permanent residence in Argentina.
3- Get a police certificate from all the countries where you have lived for more than 6 months.
4- Have medical insurance throughout the stay.
5- Demonstrate at least CAD 2,500 ($ 142,566) upon arrival in Canada through a bank statement.

Everything regarding the immigration process, visa, among others, is carried out directly by the companies that are recruiting Argentine talent.

The most searched profiles:

-Software developers and Java.Net developers
-DevOps Engineer
-Data scientists
-Scrum Master
-QA Analyst
-Game performance manager
-Cloud Analytics
-Azure DevOps
-Videogame and system programmers
-Systems architect

For the other program (Express Entry), one must go to the official Canadian government page and create a profile containing relevant data (eg education, work experience, language, skills, etc.). In addition, the person must also explain why they want to live in Canada.

In this area ... What items are the most sought after?

-Business and finance
-Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations.

“Those who want to gain work experience abroad should consider all the implications for good luck: detachment, not returning quickly to their home country, facing a completely different culture, meeting new people and having to adapt. On the other hand, knowing that when you live in another country, it is important to understand the rules, routines and logic that are used in those regions and know how to respect them. Mohamed concluded: “Every experience is a learning experience and it is important when you learn from it. The more experience you get, the more rewarding it will be. "

Australia: 'extreme' quarantine halted second wave of Covid-19


australia covid19

In Australia, a second wave of coronavirus could be stopped after the city of Melbourne is under one of the strictest quarantines in the world, including a night curfew with strong traffic bans.

With the increase in COVID-19 cases around the world, dozens of countries in the northern hemisphere are preparing for the arrival of autumn and winter, and the pandemic has not slowed its progress.

Some are already preparing measures to prevent the second wave from catching them, the establishment of a quarantine area is always on the table. Several of them are studying the case of Australia, especially the city of Melbourne, which is currently one of the strictest confinement areas in the world.

There is no question that extreme isolation is effective. Timothy Slay, an epidemiologist at the Ryerson University School of Public Health in Canada, said: "A partial shutdown will only prolong suffering."

At the end of June, the number of COVID-19 cases in Australia increased further, mainly in the state of Victoria, which is the second largest city in the country, Melbourne.

The results of the harsh confinement...

Melbourne is home to five million people. The strict lockdown that has been in place since July has successfully lowered the infection curve for the next second wave.

According to the Victorian government, some of the measures include:
* You cannot leave your home unless it is to exercise, care, work, or buy essential supplies. If he leaves, the person must stay 5 km from his home.
* Masks away from home are mandatory.
* Schools switched to distance learning.
* Child care centers are closed.
* Visiting or going to someone else's home is not permitted unless it is for the purpose of providing or receiving medical or emergency care.
* People can be outdoors for a maximum of two hours and respecting social distancing.
* There is a curfew between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. (previously it was 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.) The start of the curfew was adjusted to one hour later as spring approaches in the southern hemisphere and the hours of light begin to lengthen.
* Weddings are prohibited.
* Restaurants and cafeterias will only be open for take out and home delivery.
* General retail, gyms, hair salons and bars are closed.

Melbourne residents cannot leave the city without a valid reason. The government has warned that anyone who chooses to cross the border into another area will be fined or jailed for up to six months.

United Kingdom: London Stock Exchange falls 3.20% on COVID-19 rally


London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange fell 3.20% on Monday as investors feared the rebound in the British coronavirus would impose further restrictions on the economy.

London's main index, FTSE-100, fell 192.43 points to 5,814.62, with the Spain-British Airways IAG group leading the fall, with a decrease of 12.35%.

The large Rolls-Royce Company (Automotive Market) fell 8.47% after the company was informed that it was seeking to increase capital of approximately 2.5 billion pounds (2.7 billion euros) in response to the crisis, and the ITV television channel fell 7.06%.

For its part, HSBC (bank of British origin), yielded 5%. From large European media it revealed on Sunday that this company allegedly allowed fraudulent transfers of millions of dollars around the world even after learning of the fraud. According to confidential documents reported by BBC Public Channel, the UK's largest bank transferred the money to an HSBC bank account in Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014 through its US operations.

Despite bad reports and a poor financial situation for the London Stock Exchange, it was not all losses, profits were also made. Monday's winners were the mining company Fresnillo (up 1.53%) and the online supermarket Ocado (up 0.36%). Investors await the response of the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom. The case increased in the next few hours by 3,899, bringing the total to 394,257. So far, 41,777 people have died, after adding 28 in 24 hours.

With information from EFE

Donald Trump and the President of Brazil ratified their alliance to combat the regime of the President of Venezuela


bolsonaro and trump

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian President, finally ratified his alliance with Donald Trump to fight against the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela, noting that "We seek the common good." It was also recognized that Mike Pompeo's visit marked the close cooperation between the two countries to achieve the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

After the president of the United States visited the border between Venezuela and the South American giant, the Brazilian president congratulated the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on Sunday for the pressure exerted by his government to overthrow the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

"I congratulate President Donald Trump for his determination to continue working, together with Brazil and other countries, to restore democracy in Venezuela," he wrote on his Twitter account, along with a file photo of both leaders, shortly before six o'clock. the morning (local time, 9 GMT).

The Brazilian president also affirmed that Pompeo's visit to local Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo in the framework of the welcome action "represents the close ties between the two countries in the search for common interests."

bolsonaro and trump

Bolsonaro, after completing his visits to Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Colombia, ended the South American alliance against the Chavista regime and this Saturday ended a three-day visit to US diplomatic leaders. In addition, he announced an additional $ 348 million as "humanitarian assistance" to resolve the crisis in his country. With these funds, since 2017, the United States has added $ 1.2 billion for humanitarian assistance and development in the context of the political, economic and social crisis, which does not include the funds provided in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

When Pompeo traveled through Brazil, it coincided with the publication of a severe United Nations report on serious human rights violations during the Maduro dictatorship. The Brazilian opposition made some criticisms, but Foreign Minister Arauyu emphasized foreign policy in his defense. The position of the previous government was stereotyped. In a report issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said: “Between 1999 and 2018, Brazil's diplomatic experience with Venezuela was unpleasant. This is an example of ideological blindness and slavery. The material and moral interests of the people are very disadvantageous. "

In a statement published on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Araujo defended the opposition of the Bolsonaro government to the Chavista dictatorship, as he noted that it had decided to “break relations with Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro during the indifferent silence and cooperation shameless criminal in that regime. This may be the worst humanitarian tragedy in the history of our region in two decades. "

The foreign minister also assured that "Maduro works permanently to undermine democracy throughout South America" ​​and denounced the persistence in Venezuela of "a regime allied with drug trafficking, terrorism and organized crime that threatens the security of the region."

“Making human rights prevail, as stipulated in the Constitution, demands that Brazil continue to raise its voice more than ever to expose the suffering of Venezuelans to world attention and work for the redemocratization of Venezuela, the only way to return to respect human rights in that country ”, he stated. And he sentenced: "We would violate the Constitution if we closed our eyes to the Venezuelan tragedy."

With Information from Infobae

LaLiga 2020/21: when does it start, teams and schedule?



Are you eager to see Spanish football? We offer you all the information you need to know in the following report so that you can be updated and attentive to news.

As we all know, the 2019/20 season of the Spanish football league has ended with the coronation of Real Madrid, but now we have to consider the next season. Although Spain's domestic game ended last Sunday, July 19, it will soon be possible to see new matches in Spanish LaLiga.

It should be remembered that the next LaLiga Championship will be organized again by the Professional Football Federation (LFP) and will be the 90th edition in history in that country. That is why in this article we will try to explain when it will start to play, who will play it and what the calendar looks like.

When does LaLiga 2020/21 start?

As the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the end of the season that finally ended on Sunday, July 19, the new event will begin in September, for the first time since the 2000-01 campaign. Specifically, this will be the 12th weekend of the ninth month of this year, as announced by the president of the LFP, Javier Tebas, in May of last year.

“The next season will start on September 12, we can't later. If there are Spanish teams qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions or Europa League, they would start up to 15 days later. We will do a Christmas day, "Tebas explained in Onda Cero.

Which teams will play LaLiga 2020/21?

The teams guaranteed to participate in the 2020/21 LaLiga season are: Athletic Club Bilbao, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Betis, Cádiz, Eibar, Getafe, Granada, Huesca, Levante, Osasuna, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla , Valencia, Valladolid and Villarreal.

Cádiz, Elche and Huesca will come to LaLiga from the Second Division. For its part, Espanyol is the first team to stand out in the 2019/20 campaign as relegated to the second category. The "parakeets" are accompanied in the Second Division by Mallorca and Leganés.

This is how the first day will be played:

First matches will be September 12 and 13.

Alavés vs. Betis 

Atlético de Madrid vs. Sevilla 

Barcelona vs. Elche

Real Madrid vs. Getafe 

Eibar vs. Celta de Vigo

Granada vs. Athletic Club 

Valencia vs. Levante 

Valladolid vs. Real Sociedad 

Villarreal vs. Huesca 

Cádiz vs. Osasuna 

It is important to highlight: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Getafe and Elche rest after fulfilling their European commitments and qualifying for the first stage.

Derby date:

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Matchday 7, October 25, Camp Nou.

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Matchday 30, April 11, 2021, Santiago Bernabéu.

Madrid derby dates:

Real Madrid vs. Atlético de Madrid: Matchday 13, December 13, Santiago Bernabéu

Atlético de Madrid vs. Real Madrid: Matchday 26, March 7, 2021, Wanda Metropolitano.

Sevillian derby dates:

Betis vs. Seville: Matchday 17, January 3, 2021, Benito Villamarín

Seville vs. Betis: Matchday 27, March 14, 2021, Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán

Valencian derby dates:

Valencia vs. Levante: Matchday 1, September 13, Mestalla

Levante vs. Valencia: Matchday 27, March 14, 2021, Ciutat de Valencia

Basque derby dates:

Athletic Club vs. Real Sociedad: Matchday 16, December 30, San Mamés

Real Sociedad vs. Athletic Club: Matchday 29, April 4, 2021, Reale Arena

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